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Explanation of Grouping
All dangerous goods having properties coming within the classes listed in the IMDG Code are regrouped into 3 groups according to their degree of danger.

For packaged and containerized dangerous goods; different treatment of handling within the port limits is assigned to each group as follow:-

Group 1
Dangerous goods under this group can only be landed at such places and under such conditions as the Authority may impose from time to time. Vessel conveying such dangerous goods, unless otherwise agreed by the Authority, is prohibited from coming alongside any of the Authority’s berth.

Group 2
Vessel conveying dangerous goods under this group may come alongside the Authority’s berths but the dangerous goods must be in direct transit and shall not be accepted into the Authority’s warehouses/open areas for storage unless otherwise agreed by the Authority.

Group 3
Dangerous goods under this group may be stored at such places as may be authorised by the Authority depending on space availability and adequacy of preparatory facilities.

The handling method as assigned to each of the aforementioned group is not applicable to dangerous goods in bulk.




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